Even though I had been using Xero for my own practice for over a year and had taken Xero's certification class, I felt that I still needed more knowledge on the product.  I was looking for someone who could train me further, and quite possibly future customers as I moved forward with a Xero practice.

That is when I discovered Blue Circle Training.  Their class made it easy for me to pick up on conceptual gaps I had missed, or undiscovered shortcuts with Xero.  I was also great to take processing examples from my own practice and customer situations, and have them answered.  One of the challenging parts of bringing on a customer to any new platform is making sure you plan and anticipate the critical accounting processing areas.  That is why I chose Blue Circle to propel my Xero skills to the next level.

Jim McCarty, Fresh Look Financial              

Carol-Ann presents and trains in a very approachable style and listens closely. Her knowledge is evident in her delivery and always offers a suggestion in a way I never thought of.

The course was perfect and we finished a few minutes early.. great job-enjoyed it very much.

Carol-Ann helped me develop my presentation skills, to deliver a presentation that’s organized, effective and deliver it with confidence.

Carol-Ann has the ability to create a comfortable learning environment and is very clear in her delivery of presentations.

I took more than I had ever expected from Carol-Ann’s course.” She has tremendous experience and great time saving techniques, would highly recommend any of her courses to anyone.

Blue Circle Blog

Jun 21

Find Freedom in the Cloud with Blue Circle Training’s New Online Courses

Posted by Carol-Ann Brouwer at Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tired of slogging through monthly accounting and dealing with constant software updates and backups, but nervous to make the leap to cloud-based accounting solutions? Blue Circle Training can help!

Success with Blue Circle Training's Online Cloud Accounting Courses

We understand that business owners work hard and want to make sure they don’t end up losing precious work and personal time adjusting to a new accounting system. You can count on our team to expertly navigate this journey for you with skill and precision.

As a Global Trainer for XERO and the founder of Blue Circle Training, Carol-Ann Brouwer has helped many Canadian businesses leave desktop accounting software behind and embrace the myriad benefits of XERO, the beautiful accounting software in the Cloud.

Leveraging her years of experience in accounting, banking, and taxation, Carol-Ann is passionate about offering businesses convenient options to convert to cloud accounting. You can hire Blue Circle to train your team, work with your accountant, or handle your bookkeeping for you. We offer a free initial accounting consultation to recommend a customized solution for each client. (Click here to schedule your free cloud accounting consultation with us.)

And now, after years helping business professionals make the switch to Xero, we’re pleased to offer our new roster of Online Live Webinar Cloud Accounting Courses so you can start the transition to cloud accounting.

Our online webinars are designed to walk business owners like you through everything they need to know about Cloud Accounting and transitioning from existing accounting software.

So if you’re looking for an introduction to cloud accounting and are ready to get started -- or even if you have been using Xero for a while but want to take your mastery of cloud accounting to the next level -- we can help! And don’t fret if you’re still stuck on desktop software such as Sage 50 or Quickbooks, we have great informative sessions for you to choose from.

Don't forget our free monthly cloud accounting webinars, great for business professionals of all levels of experience. This month we’ll be reviewing Wagepoint’s Cloud-Based Payroll System, “the all-in-one payroll solution” that’s already the choice of countless business owners like you.

Not entirely sure if you’re ready to make the leap from the familiar into Cloud-based accounting?

Take Blue Circle Training’s Intro to Cloud Accounting. This comprehensive overview examines the benefits of using cloud accounting for your business (and it’s true - no more downloads, installs, updates or conflicts generated by different versions!), time saving features, accessibility, setting up different users, the choices available for cloud accounting, and next steps.

Ready to take the plunge and switch to Xero?

In Xero 101 - Taking Your First Steps, Blue Circle Training introduces you to the basics of using Xero. In addition to overviewing the benefits of Xero, topics include using the Xero Dashboard, organization settings, chart of accounts, invoice settings, bank accounts, bank reconciliation, invoicing and billing, setting up contacts, and generating common reports. This webinar will boost your confidence and skills when you first start using Xero.

Is knowing the basics enough? We don’t think so!

Once you’ve got our Xero 101 course under your belt, sign up for Xero 201. Blue Circle Training has designed Xero 201: Daily Transactions to help businesses ensure they’re handling all those daily business transactions optimally. In this webinar we cover managing users, importing bank statements, setting up payment services, managing inventory, and running month-end and year-end reports. We also discuss more complex information regarding bank reconciliations, bank rules, and managing contacts.

Keen to keep learning? Xero Advanced is coming soon!

One of the highlights of working with Xero cloud-based accounting is that there are so many opportunities for businesses to use additional apps and services to streamline their accounting processes.

Every month, Carol-Ann will be offering a Free Webinar on one of her featured apps or services. Register now for her Free June Webinar and learn how you can automate your payroll for employees and independent contractors easily with WagePoint Cloud Payroll (and keep CRA happy by staying compliant with payroll regulations!).

Learning how to switch from desktop accounting to Xero cloud-based accounting solutions has never been easier or most cost-effective. Contact Blue Circle Training for a free, no-obligation cloud accounting consultation and get your business moving forward today.


Oct 31

Cloud Accounting Coast to Coast: A Canadian industry snapshot

Posted by Carol-Ann Brouwer at Saturday, October 31, 2015

"As a business helping SMBs make the switch to Xero - the beautiful accounting software, [we] can’t stop sharing the good news about the benefits of converting to cloud-based accounting in Canada."

We love the above image from CloudHub

"When SMBs convert from another accounting and payroll system to Xero, there is nothing to install, upgrades are free, multiple users can access an account in real time, Xero connects to many popular business apps available on the market, and Xero performs automatic backups and you can use it from any device.

Telecommunications firm Primus recently surveyed 300 decision makers about Embracing the Cloud. What they uncovered is that while roughly half of SMBs have started using cloud-based business solutions, only 27% use cloud-based finance & accounting and 26% use cloud-based human resources & payroll solutions. That’s interesting feedback for the Canadian cloud accounting industry!

Among those who 86% of those surveyed who use cloud-based services reported improved business processes and 94% see at least one benefit. (For accounting and finance the benefits are countless - and Xero keeps introducing new updates and upgrades to make it better and better!)

So what about the nearly 75 percent of Canadian SMBs who have not yet embraced Xero cloud-based accounting solutions? Why are they hesitating to use bookkeeping and payroll services for Canadian businesses in the cloud?

According to IT World Canada, security worries are a common concern and not many SMBs fully understand the potential offered by cloud-based services.

If you are wondering about the Canadian cloud accounting industry and what making the switch could do for your small business, Accounting Anywhere is ready to tell you what you need to know about Xero cloud accounting versus desktop software. Long story short: It’s secure, affordable (especially for multiple users!), and offers many accounting solutions with ease.

After a career with many years training businesses to use desktop software in Canada, Carol-Ann Brouwer, Global Trainer for XERO and CEO of Accounting Anywhere [and lead trainer for Blue Circle Training] realized that cloud accounting is a game changer for small- and medium-sized businesses in Canada. She can quickly bring you up to speed on the world’s most popular cloud-based accounting software!"

- from AccountingAnywhere.com, Blue Circle Training's partner organization.

Oct 21

Blue Circle Training, live from Xerocon!

Posted by Admin Robin at Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Anyone that knows anything about Xero knows that Xerocon is the place to be this September.  The first to be held in the US, Xerocon will be exploding in San Francisco this year, and Blue Circle Training will be on the ground and in the training rooms.

Besides meeting with the Xero community and other key members of Xero’s staff, the Blue Circle team (Carol-Ann Brouwer, Founder\Lead Trainer and Simon Gatto, Global Training Manager) will be onsite to promote their latest Xero training courses.  Designed with Xero’s customers in mind, Blue Circle has something for the most novice user to those customers wanting to master the application.

During the conference, Carol-Ann and Simon will be on hand to answer questions about Blue Circle Training, their training team, and anything else trending at the show.  With decades of combined training design and delivery experience, we’re sure to have something to talk about, so make sure you find us!

If you haven’t signed up for Xerocon already, be sure to do it soon while tickets are still available.  And don’t forget to visit us BlueCircleTraining.com for all the latest class offerings and upcoming events.